HeightZero Interviews Thomas Hepner

Sean Waters at HeightZero interviewed DATA Founder Thomas Hepner about the Web3 data economy and the DATA Index.

Here is one excerpt:

SW: ...What do you foresee for the DATA Index product in the next 12 months? Are there any industry trends that you anticipate which will impact how you approach the market?
TH: There are two major trends happening in the data economy that I think are really interesting. The first one is this idea that a lot of these tokens are almost like tech infrastructure, and they're unbundling the products and services offered by Big Tech companies...
The other item is around data monetization. Currently most of our data is siloed in companies and applications, but in Web3 users own their own data. This ownership model is leading to the creation of data unions where users can share a portion or all of their data to a pool.  As I mentioned earlier, data is valuable when it’s aggregated. So as more people contribute to these data unions, they're going to be able to create better applications and services.  And the users will be rewarded for that. The Basic Attention token is an example of that today. Whereas Google keeps all the ad revenue, the Brave browser actually returns ad revenue back to you for contributing your attention... I think you’ll see that model proliferate over the coming years.

There is much more at the full interview.

Thomas Hepner

Thomas Hepner

Founder of DATA Economy Index