Data Economy

The Data Economy is an ecosystem of data-based products and services.

Whereas Decentralized Finance (aka DeFi) is disrupting traditional banking and financial services, the Data Economy is disrupting the data monopolies built in Big Tech over the past 20 years.

DATA Index

The Data Economy Index is a digital asset index capturing the growth of data-based products and services.

The DATA index is data centric and chain agnostic.

DATA is the first decentralized index to capture the growth of the data economy and also the first to include non Ethereum-based tokens. DATA includes tokens that provide data-based products or services across blockchains. This means that the success of Chainlink, the Graph, Filecoin, etc. is independent from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, and other cryptocurrencies.  These tokens are inherently multichain and grow along with the entire crypto industry’s success.

Created by Titans of Data

Titans of Data is a coalition of innovators, operators, and investors in the data economy. We are cultivating a more open, secure, and equitable internet where everyone, including robots, are equals when facing opportunities in Web3. Through our research, we curate innovation to bring the data economy into the mainstream.


Thomas Hepner

Co-Founder DATA Economy Index.
Prev. Data Scientist @ PrecisionLender and Numerai

Kiba Gateaux

Co-Founder DATA Economy Index.
Prev. Fulstack Developer @ ConsenSys